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Richard Taylor

‘love one another or die’

and stop our obsession with money and “Progress”.

Image: a young woman pushing buttons while walking along a sea shore or passing a beautiful tree as a flight of birds passes over.

We also need humans and good persons to see the beauty of books and what was written in them.

Remember: electronic devices are fallible and likely to fail at any time as with the Hamilton hospital cyber event.

Electronic systems and physical books are not mutually exclusive, but we need to think in terms of the inherent beauty and wonder of the human mind, and not “Progress” and “efficiency”.

We need to think of what is interesting and beautiful. Even what is

spiritually deep,

something that can be found in deep or simple poetry, and in books of all kinds.

We have to oppose these pirates of our culture whether “our culture” means European culture, Asian culture, Maori culture or whatever culture. We are a multi-world.

I protest this barbarism against The Book.

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Richard Taylor, of Auckland, has published in various mags. Poetry books include RED, and Conversation with a Stone (Titus Books). He asserts: books, ideas and libraries matter!