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The Online Anthology

Editorials No Disposals

Anne Kennedy Reading the Money

Harry Ricketts We’re Just Rehoming Some Books

Dolores Janiewski An Induced Amnesia

Fiona Kidman Like Everyone Who Likes to Read Books

Cilla McQueen To the 640,000 Awaiting Disposal

C.K. Stead Crossing the Bar, Remembering the Thwaites

Lisa Samuels The Archive Bird

David Herkt An Ark

Charles Brasch No Society Can Flourish

Mark Pirie My Father's Library

David Karena Holmes Les Èlu/es­ & The Chosen

Lyall Benjamin If It Was Chairs or Pots

Michael Morrissey The Slow Death of the Book

Christine Dann Telling NewZealand’s Stories

Alan Brunton Of Poetry

Carolyn McCurdie Our Stories Held in Trust

Brian Turner Sky

Thomas Hocken On Tasman’s Journal

Stephanie Christie the imaginary earthquake

Tony Beyer Peter Hooper

Siobhan Harvey A Book Removed from the National Library

Simon Sweetman No Weeding

Bill Direen A Fairy Tale

Richard Von Sturmer The Steering Wheel

Richard Reeve Free Pile

Alfred Domett (1811-1887) Books the Mighty Mines

Peter Simpson Invaluable Places: The role of libraries in the life and work of Colin McCahon

Olivia Macassey Footnote concerning a vanished book

Jack Ross Library Dreaming: Wallace Stevens Meets the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

Karl Wolfskehl Lobgesang/Song of Praise

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman Book Group

Roger Hickin Clothbound

Scott Flanagan 21st Century Allegory of Hope

R.A.K. Mason Epigram and A Hundred Thousand Blessings

David Geary THE DEAL

Graham Reid Back to the Islands

David Howard Let There Be

Richard Taylor Barbarism Against the Book

Edward Tregear (1846-1931) The Polynesian Maori Dictionary 1891

Michael O’Leary Sonnet of the Book Thieves

Murray Edmond The Borgesian Instance

Jenny Powell Title: Dog Turns at the Top of the Drive

Peter Olds I Might Go to Adelaide One Day

Lynley Edmeades These Lists Are Closed

Johannes Contag Distilling Textual Tone Two Agrammatic Collages
U.S. Criminal Code vs The Poetry of Oscar Wilde

Mary-Anne Bourke (KLAXON) & The World Lost

Harry Ricketts Indirect Popcorn 2

Mike Johnson Kia Orana, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

David Eggleton Homage to Fahrenheit 451

John Allison a book in the hand

John Geraets NLS Nabokov

Sandra Sarala Subverse Protest Time Capsule from an Offshore Zeit-Traveller

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