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Stephanie Christie

the imaginary earthquake hits wellington library

computers pop like butter in the microwave
CDs are flying, Bowie’s last death
-inspired album is a throwing star

stairs fall and pile up ancient ruins
the escalator hangs in a zigzag from the top floor
impossible escher in chaos

the handsome customer service representative
who glared at you for standing
too close to ignore
too far from the desk to greet
is run down by a trolley stacked high with
agatha christie whodunits in large print

an avalanche in the graphic novel section
moshpits made of encyclopedieas
the carpet barely holds the crack in the concrete
floor a ledge to a drop and the gap between them
goes straight to hell or someone’s version
the glass in the giant windows turns in the air
some shards as big as a man descending

follows the rumble you heard first
rushing closer
as you stand
three metres back from the returns counter
in the safe space far from everything
still as a watching bird
while possibility rains down all round you.


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Stephanie Christie (who was Will Christie) creates poetry in the form of page poems, text art, installations, theatre, video and sound works. (Re)current interests are discourse analysis and making up songs. .