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The Online Anthology

Editorial: Save Our Books

Anne Kennedy: Reading the Money

Harry Ricketts: We’re Just Rehoming Some Books

Dolores Janiewski: An Induced Amnesia

Fiona Kidman: Like Everyone Who Likes to Read Books

Cilla McQueen: To the 640,000 Awaiting Disposal

C.K. Stead: Crossing the Bar, Remembering the Thwaites

Lisa Samuels: The Archive Bird

David Herkt: An Ark

Charles Brasch: No Society Can Flourish

Mark Pirie: My Father's Library

David Karena Holmes: Les Èlu/es­ & The Chosen

Lyall Benjamin: If It Was Chairs or Pots

Michael Morrissey: The Slow Death of the Book

Christine Dann: Telling NewZealand’s Stories

Alan Brunton: Of Poetry

Carolyn McCurdie: Our Stories Held in Trust

Brian Turner: Sky

Thomas Hocken: On Tasman’s Journal

Stephanie Christie: the imaginary earthquake

Tony Beye:r Peter Hooper

Siobhan Harvey: A Book Removed from the National Library

Simon Sweetman: No Weeding

Bill Direen: A Fairy Tale

Richard Von Sturmer: The Steering Wheel

Richard Reeve: Free Pile

Alfred Domett (1811-1887): Books the Mighty Mines

Peter Simpson: Invaluable Places: The role of libraries in the life and work of Colin McCahon

Olivia Macassey: Footnote concerning a vanished book

Jack Ross Library Dreaming: Wallace Stevens Meets the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

Karl Wolfskehl/Friedrich Voit: Lobgesang/Song of Praise

Jeffrey Paparoa: Holman Book Group

Roger Hickin: Clothbound

Scott Flanagan: 21st Century Allegory of Hope

R.A.K. Mason: Epigram and A Hundred Thousand Blessings

David Geary: THE DEAL

Graham Reid: Back to the Islands

David Howard: Let There Be

Richard Taylor: Barbarism Against the Book

Edward Tregear (1846-1931): The Polynesian Maori Dictionary 1891

Michael O’Leary: Sonnet of the Book Thieves

Murray Edmond: The Borgesian Instance

Jenny Powell Title: Dog Turns at the Top of the Drive

Peter Olds: I Might Go to Adelaide One Day

Lynley Edmeades: These Lists Are Closed

Johannes Contag: Distilling Textual Tone Two Agrammatic Collages
U.S. Criminal Code vs The Poetry of Oscar Wilde

Mary-Anne Bourke: (KLAXON) & The World Lost

Harry Ricketts: Indirect Popcorn 2

Mike Johnson: Kia Orana, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

David Eggleton: Homage to Fahrenheit 451

John Allison: a book in the hand

John Geraets: NLS Nabokov

Sandra Sarala: Subverse Protest Time Capsule from an Offshore Zeit-Traveller

Stephen Oliver Digital Ghosts

See also: Online Arguments for Retaining
the National Collections